McGee Memorials | Donegal Tunnel Tiger Memorial in Dungloe
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Donegal Tunnel Tiger Memorial in Dungloe

Situated in the grounds of St. Crona’s Church Dungloe, is the recently commissioned monument to honour the legendary Donegal Tunnel Tigers who died as a result of their work on tunnel projects in the UK and further afield. We were delighted to be involved in the designing and building of this fitting tribute to the 77 men featured on the facade. The structure is dedicated to those men who died in work accidents and to the hundreds, if not thousands more who died of tunnelling-related illnesses.

A local voluntary committee had been working together for over a year to bring the memorial project to completing. The unveiling took place on Wednesday 7th August 2019 in the grounds of St Crone’s Church, Dungloe. The monument has a hand-carved black granite statue of a tunnel tiger, an archway entrance leads people into the memorial where there is seating where people can read the information about the various tunnel sites around the world where tragically the 77 men died. There is a small tunnel running underneath the statue with a cart, a German Jigger and a FL22 that will bring back memories to many workers.